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3 Must-Haves When Renting Apartments

Moving into a new apartment could be fun when the new place offers many great amenities at a reasonable rental rate. But lots of new renters make the mistake of overlooking some items that could be available and make life much easier for renters. Anyone looking to enter into a new rental agreement would be smart to check for the three following essential items that greatly improve apartment living standards.

Intercom with Keyless Entry

Few things are more annoying than having to run back and forth to answer doorbells at the secure entrance to apartment buildings. An intercom system with a remote keyless entry button can take care of that hassle quite easily.

Intercoms have enabled renters and guests to communicate and enter their apartment buildings in the 1950s. Current models have video cameras and very clear vocal processors that make it very easy to see and hear the person on the other end.

That gives renters greater control over who visits and when. It also greatly enhances apartment security for all renters.

Dishwasher and Dual Sinks

Space usually is a luxury in apartment living. Most have small kitchens and sinks. Many do not have dishwashers. A small dual-basin sink or a single sink basin will make it easy for dishes, dirty pans, and utensils to pile up after use. That can be unsightly and downright smelly.

The best apartments will have a dishwasher and sink with full-sized dual basins. The dual sink basins make it easier to rinse and wash pots and pans as needed. It also makes it much easier to use the garbage disposal and get rid of perishable foods that could create a foul odor.

A dishwasher is an essential tool for preparing and eating healthful foods while keeping the kitchen clean. A dishwasher also helps to hide dirty dishes until the next load is ready to go.

Washer and Dryer Stack

Dirty clothes and other laundry can fill up a bedroom or utility room quickly in an apartment. A washer with a dryer stacked on top of it is a great tool for enabling renters to stay current on laundry instead of creating a mountain of laundry to wash.

A washer and dryer stack does not take up a lot of space and can handle a good amount of clothing and other items. Renters can keep their rooms uncluttered and save money on paying for coin laundry services while staying at home to wash their clothes.

While this list is far from complete, there are many things all renters can agree on. Keyless entry, a dishwasher, and in-unit laundry are some of those things. Having great utilities in place for your tenants will not only keep your spaces occupied but also attract great tenants!

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