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Doorking Intercom Review (with Pricing and Alternatives)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Doorking, also known as DKS, has been manufacturing a wide range of products including telephone entry and access control systems in the United States since 1948. Doorking’s telephone entry systems provide simple voice communication for property access. In this review, we’ve outlined what you can expect from Doorking, including pricing, key features, and how their products compare to the Whoo Intercom system.

Overview: The 1837 Telephone and Access Control Series

The Doorking 1837 telephone entry system is suited for medium to large apartment buildings, gated communities and office buildings. The system is a typical apartment buzzer system which uses a single call button to provide communication between the intercom and an in-unit device.

The Doorking 1837 comes in two different models - the classic 1837-80 model and the newer 1837-90 model. Both models use existing telephone lines, and upgrading to cellular or VoIP requires purchasing of additional DKS products.


  • Stores up to 3000 phone numbers and 8000 device codes

  • Built-in electronic directory and an LCD display

  • Elevator control - requires elevator control boards(s)

  • Programming software (for PC)

  • The 1837-90 model has enhanced locking and weather sealing and provides optional components such as a card reader, LCD heater and TCP/IP adapter for a direct internet connection.

  • Option surface mounts and housing


1837 80 series — surface mount: $6448

1837 80 series — flush mount: $6448

1837 90 series — surface, flush or wall mount: $6548

App review

The DKS 1837 80 series and 1837 90 series do not offer a mobile app feature for residents to receive calls or open the door from their smartphone or smart device.


  • 8-line LED display

  • Large storage capacity

  • Elevator control to grant or restrict access to certain floors

  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Audio only communication

  • Outdated user interface means visitors often have to scroll through numerous screens

  • No keyless entry options

Doorking Vs. Whoo Intercom

Doorking is a leading manufacturer of access control systems in the United States. Their products are durable and reliable for properties seeking a basic, voice only intercom system. Unfortunately, Doorking does not offer a touchscreen interface and their products are not particularly attractive or modern.

Whoo intercom is a better solution for properties looking for an all-in-one apartment video intercom system designed with property managers, tenants, and visitors in mind. With an intuitive interface, a built in camera, and mobile app, Whoo intercom allows tenants to video chat with visitors and grant them building access from the convenience of their smartphone.

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