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Give The Gift of an Intercom This Season

In an age where everyone has already either bought themselves or been gifted everything they could need, it can be difficult to come up with presents for loved ones during the holiday season. Not sure what to get your favorite person who has everything they want? Consider a gift that continues to keep on giving, a video intercom for apartment buildings.

With holidays fast approaching, it's time to start shopping for the special ones in your life! Instead of spending hours at the mall shopping around for the perfect gift, save yourself the time and stress and gift a video intercom for multi-tenant buildings.

With a video intercom, there are many benefits to be able to appreciate.

#1 It connects to your smartphone - Whoo is available to download on both the iOs App Store and Android Play Store. When a visitor is at the door and rings the intercom, the residents cellphone will receive a call, showing them who is attempting to gain access to their unit.

#2 Increased security - When visitors come to the door, residents are able to visually verify who is there before allowing them access to the building. This not only adds a layer of security, but is convenient to be able to buzz in friends through your phone rather than having to unlock the door yourself.

#3 Keyless entry - The residents' intercom connects to their smartphone, giving them a code which grants them access to their building without having to carry their keys around with them. This is a huge conveniency perk and a great reason to gift an intercom!

#4 Package delivery made easier - When a resident places an order online, the delivery driver is given a code to be able to access the building. With packages being placed outside the door, residents no longer have to worry about their purchases falling victim to theft.

So, who are you going to give the great gift of a video intercom to this holiday season?

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