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How is Technology Affecting How Tenants Rent?

Technology has been on the rise more recently than ever, and as we enter an all technological world, it’s important to ask: how is technology affecting how tenants rent?

Technology is nothing new to us, yet we don’t seem to talk enough about the impact it has on us in various ways. In an age where technology surrounds us, let’s see how it connects to renting. 74% of millennials rent today, so it’s important for the technology in the apartment to be up to date. Offering a rental space with technological amenities is an easy way to increase revenue.

A technological upgrade that residential managers may want to consider installing is a video intercom. With minimal work in installment, you can quickly increase your return on investment by increasing rental properties after installation. By adding a video intercom, you are increasing security, granting access to the building from anywhere, allowing for residents to manage deliveries, and overall improving the renting experience.

As the rise of technology continues to grow, people are shopping more and more online. Because more packages are being delivered and left outside apartments and houses, more packages are being stolen. A multi-tenant intercom system alleviates this issue by providing the tenant control to access their building from anywhere, granting delivery drivers access into their building to safely deliver their packages.

Competitive rental units offer amenities that make tenants' lives easier. Apartment building intercom systems have a long list of benefits and a short list of requirements. Your tenants will thank you for providing extra security in their residential building and granting them keyless access from anywhere.

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