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Intercoms Have Changed The World We Live In

Without a doubt, intercoms have changed the world we live in today. With the overwhelming amount of Amazon orders placed daily (approximately 1.6 million Amazon packages are shipped each day), we are constantly awaiting our purchases to arrive at our doorstep. With that, packages are being stolen every day, especially in inner-cities.

Having a package stolen is the beginning of a very large headache. If the package was tracked to your door and verified as delivered, it’s likely that you won’t get a refund if that package is stolen before you can retrieve it (especially if the package was purchased through a smaller business who doesn’t have package protection).

Having a video intercom installed into your building can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons, yet one of the biggest selling points is that it grants access to the building for delivery drivers. Now, when you get a package delivered from Amazon, the driver is given a code to get into the building and leave the package at your door, safe from pedestrians on the street.

Whoo Intercom works hand in hand with Amazon Key for Business to address the issues of stolen packages and to deliver your packages safely. With Key for Business, building staff no longer need to open the door for delivery drivers and they instead are given access to the building after it has been confirmed through Amazon that they have a package to deliver.

Not only does a video intercom mean you won’t have your packages stolen, but it also provides keyless entry, which allows residents to leave their bulky keys at home when they go out. Today, there are so many restrictions on what you can bring inside venues and shows indoors, that carrying a purse is not always an option. Without a purse or pockets, where do you keep your keys? Installing a video intercom to your building alleviates that issue!

Because of our feature that connects our intercoms to residents’ smartphones anywhere, you’ll never have to miss a package being delivered while you’re out again. When the delivery driver arrives, they can either be granted access with a code or can buzz the intercom to call the resident. Because our intercom system has a one way video call, it provides extra security so as to not give away the resident’s whereabouts.

Intercoms have changed the world by increasing security for residents as we live in an almost all-digital age.

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