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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Apartment Buzzer or Doorbell?

Deciding to implement any upgrade into your building is a long process and should take many things into consideration. Is it worth the time, effort and money to upgrade? Will it return on investment quickly? Is it necessary to upgrade to improve the quality of living? When was the last time the building upgraded? We're going to consider all of these things to assist you in the decision making process.

1. Your building doesn't have video verification

In this day and age, video verification is useful for a plethora of reasons. By having a video intercom, residents increase security for their building and can pick and choose who they will allow to have access to their home. Purchasing orders online has become the norm for most people rather than going out and shopping. Instead of worrying about a porch pirate, have ease of mind with a video intercom for your apartment building, granting access for delivery drivers easily and from anywhere.

2. Your building has an old buzzer

Everyone is familiar with the loud, annoying noise that comes from old apartment buzzer systems. While this may not seem like an upgrade is needed, tenants prefer to stay up with the times. Having an old buzzer system that is overtly loud and only able to use while the tenant is home is useless in comparison to an intercom that can be connected to the tenant's smartphone, able to use from anywhere. Instead of getting scared every time a package arrives because your buzzer screams at you, install an intercom that will simply call your phone when someone has arrived.

3. Your building has a doorbell

Most dings of doorbells are followed up with dogs barking, and provide no visual verification. With a doorbell in an apartment building, tenants must go down to the front door to allow access to their building, wasting their time. Doorbells are also only useful if the resident is home, so packages can be left outside and visitors can stop by without the resident knowing.

4. You're looking for a return on investment

As a landlord or super, it is important to offer amenities that will increase the satisfaction of tenant's living experience. By installing a multi-tenant intercom system, you can increase the amount of tenants who are interested in occupying the space as well as increase revenue by offering newly installed amenities.

Installing a video intercom has many benefits for tenants and supers alike, read more here.

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