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Why Property Managers Should Upgrade to a Video Intercom System

Updated: May 4, 2021

If your building is like most, you probably have an old, outdated buzzer intercom system that is a broken, ineffective, or an eyesore. It’s probably time for an upgrade.

Choosing a video intercom system is a smart choice for upgrading your intercom and streamlining visitor management and package deliveries. A video intercom system works with a mobile device, like a cell phone or tablet, to give residents visual access to the front entrance and open the door remotely.

A video intercom system is an easy and effective way for apartment buildings to increase apartment building security and add convenience for both residents and property managers. Not to mention, a simple investment in the most visible piece of technology can increase the value of your property and make it easy to find tenants.

Keep reading to find out why you shouldn't wait any longer to upgrade your apartment intercom system.

1. Increase security

There's nothing more important than ensuring your apartment building your tenants are safe. Making sure your front entrance is secure with a good access control system is the best place to start.

A video intercom does a lot to protect your property for unauthorized access. By allowing tenants to see exactly who is requesting access to the building, they can be sure their visitor is who they say they are before letting them in.

Adding a video intercom system with a one-way video call feature adds even more protection for your apartment building. Tenant see and speak to the visitor from their mobile device, while still having a two way conversation. But with a one-way video call, if a resident picks up the call on their mobile device but is not at home, the visitors won't know the apartment is empty.

2. Spend less time managing deliveries

For buildings without a doorman or concierge, tenants often face the constant challenge of deliveries being subject to theft or not delivered at all. This can cause a huge headache for on-site managers who are expected to sign for deliveries.

With the help of a video intercom, a delivery person can be given access to the property in several ways. The delivery person can call the tenant to notify them of their arrival, and using their mobile device, the tenant can grant access to the delivery person. Or, more conveniently, the tenant can give the delivery person a unique access code in the delivery instructions, allowing them to leave the package inside the building.

3. Attract tenants

Today's renters are looking for amenities to make their life easier and safer. Offering a video intercom system that allows tenants to see the front door and control building access from the convenience of their smartphone is a great way to attract tenants and improve retention rates.

4. Save money

With a video intercom system, you no longer have to worry about each in-unit intercom. Automatically that's a huge savings on maintenance of broken devices.

Even better, a good video intercom system will have the option of keyless entry. Tenants can enter a unique code into the intercom system to open the door right from the intercom panel (or use their phone). This means no more lockouts, or replacing lost keys.

5. Easy tenant management

Property managers have a lot to think about when it comes to managing their property effectively. Whether it be maintenance issues, hiring and managing staff, managing tenant complaints or filling empty units… the list goes on.

A great benefit of having a video intercom system is finding one that comes with an admin app just for property managers. An admin app will allow you to add or remove intercom buttons and change the labels of each button as your tenants come and go, and in just a few seconds you can onboard a new resident and send them a link to use their new intercom.

Now that you know the benefits of a Video Intercom System, it's time to decide which device will best fit your building's needs. We've outlined some of the best systems in our Apartment Intercom Buyer's guide to help you learn more.

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