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Let's get Started | Building Managers

Here are instructions on how to set up your building(s) and residents using the Whoo Console.

Welcome to the Whoo family


The day of installation you are going to be receiving an invitation to our new console. The console is the tool you are going to use to add residents and invite them to use the new intercom that will be installed at your building(s)


Important things you need to get started: 

1. Credit Card information (for subscription payments which will be done automatically)

2. Tenant Information (Names, Apartment numbers, and Contact information)


Create a User Account


You will receive an email that looks like this:



- Press the blue join button.

- A New window is going to open on your web browser that looks like this: 


  • Press continue and create a password. Once you complete that step you are going to successfully have created a new account.


Set up Residents for your Building(s)


When you log in to the Console for the first time you may find your home page with no Properties loaded yet.  This may be because your account has not been completely set up by your Sales Rep. yet.  Your Sales Rep. will let you know when this is done.


The screen you will see may look something like this:




Once the Property(ies) and a Building(s) have been added to your account you will need to “Setup Residents” for each building. Follow the on-screen instructions.




  • Click the name of the Property with the status marked as “Setup Residents”

  • Click on “Setup Residents” on the building card status. This will open up the “Building Setup” screen with 3 steps:


1. Download Template, complete and upload.


  • Download template (see below for sample)

  • Fill it with your building information.

  • Upload file



Note the template has a tab labeled “Examples” which shows you how the residents information should be formatted in this file.


Please enter YOUR building information in the tab labeled “My Building” and save the file.


Once the information is completed go back to the Whoo Console and upload the file. Press NEXT 


2. Manage Subscription Confirmation. 


This confirmation screen shows you how many subscriptions you will be adding to your account. 

Click on “Proceed to Checkout” to enter your payment information.


You will be redirected to our partner payment platform Stripe. Add your credit card information and click Subscribe. Your credit card will be charged annually for the number of subscriptions. 



3. Complete

Once that step is completed you will receive a notification that you have completed the onboarding process.




Invite tenants to use the app. 


 You are going to see the list of tenants you have added along other information such as: 


#2. Your first time to invite all of your tenants please press each indivual X an auto populate email will appear with a unique pairing code. 


#3- Please send this email to each individual tenant.

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