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Amazon Key for Business

Amazon Key for Business seamlessly integrates with Whoo Mobile Intercom. Once installed, Amazon delivery drivers press the Key for Business access button on their delivery app to gain authorized, time-limited building entry, and deliver packages to your desired location using step-by-step instructions and photos. 

How it works



Comes at NO COST ​

Key for Business can be installed along with your Whoo intercom at no extra cost. ​

Safer and more accurate deliveries

Amazon drivers are only given time-bound permission to enter and securely deliver packages after being verified via the Amazon Delivery App. Step-by-step delivery instructions direct drivers to leave packages in the location that works best for you, and increase delivery accuracy.

Streamlined process

Amazon drivers access buildings and deliver packages without any help from staff. Your residents' packages are delivered more quickly, and your staff spends less time managing deliveries.

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What to Expect on Delivery Day

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