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Whoo is all about access and privacy.  We are bringing the convenience of keyless entry and smartphone control to your multi-tenant building.
Our multi-tenant door intercom system and smartphone app are easy to use, consistent, and intuitive. And we are always striving to make our products better. We listen to our users because you know best.

  • Why would I want the Whoo Intercom System?
    To know at all times who is at the front of your building whether you are at home or away, you will now always have control over the access to your building so no more missed or stolen packages, lost keys or leaving a visitor out in the cold if you're running late.
  • What does my building need to get started?
    Whoo uses Power over Ethernet and an electric door strike to power the intercom. You need internet access for our door intercom system.
  • What if my building doesn't have internet access?
    You will need a basic internet connection that has upload speeds of at lease 2 Mbps (megabits per second). Comcast's Performance Starter package offers internet for as low as $25 a month. NOTE: normally people are concerned about download speeds but our intercom has one way video so we use the bandwidth in an unusual way. Most internet access now-a-days has download speeds of about 20Mbps and uploads of about 5Mbps but please check with your ISP.
  • How long will an installation take?
    Installation is easy and the device is up and running in less than a day.
  • Will I need an electrician?
    No. The Whoo doorphone is very easy to install. A handyman or super can do it. But we do recommend that you contact one of our certified installers.
  • What if my building has more than one entrance?
    If you use multiple entrances for your building, we can install a Whoo intercom at each entrance. If your building only has one entrance, but there are two doors (i.e. a main door leading into a vestibule/foyer and then a door into the lobby), the Whoo intercom can be configured to control both doors.
  • Where can I purchase Whoo for my building?
    Whoo is available for installation anywhere in the U.S. For installation information or a customized quote, click here.
  • What device does Whoo run on?
    Users can use any smart device that runs on either iOS or Android.
  • Can I get a code for delivery people?
    Yes! For regular delivery companies (e.g. Fedex, UPS, USPS), keyless entry button can be created in the intercom. This can be set up in the Console at the Building level. For one time deliveries a QR code can be generated for a visitor (in this case a delivery person). This is done in the Phone App.
  • What about the mailman?
    The building Manager can also give a permanent code to your local post office that opens the appropriate door like any other deliveries.
  • What about my privacy?
    Whoo takes your privacy very seriously. You always maintain control over all your information. Read our privacy policy here.
  • What if my building already has a buzzer?
    Now you can upgrade seamlessly to a modern smartphone app that will allow you to see exactly who is there. During installation, we will remove your existing intercom panel and simply replace it with our device.
  • Can I use Whoo on gated entry?
    Yes. Whoo is not just for buildings. It is good for any location where multiple people can open a common door or gate.
  • Does every tenant need to have a smart phone?
    No. Whoo can also call any telephone number and work as an audio-only telephone entry system.
  • How does the subscription fee work if my building has unoccupied units?
    If an apartment is not occupied we don’t add a call button for that unit, nor charge the subscription fee. Once the unit becomes occupied, we can add a button and update your subscription.
  • What happens if my Whoo Intercom needs technical support?
    We provide technical support remotely and, if necessary, our local installers can replace the unit. All of this is covered under our 1 year warranty.
  • Can I use a key fob with the Whoo Intercom?
    Our hardware can integrate with a keyfob, and we are releasing that feature soon. Another feature you can expect from Whoo is the ability for tenants to use their phone as a fob, meaning they have one less item to carry around.
  • Can Whoo control access to other community buildings, like multi-use spaces or gyms?"
    Yes. Residents would be able to use the same keyless entry functionality in common areas, allowing each resident to securely access the space using an individual access code.
  • Does Whoo integrate with my property management software?
    Get in touch with our sales team to find out about software integration.
  • What if I decide to stop my service? Will the device still function?
    If you decide to cancel your service, your building will still be able to utilize the keyless entry feature. However, the device will no longer call the residents and the residents will not be able to open the door remotely.
  • How do I use a PIN code for Keyless entry?
    Each tenant has a unique 4 digit acess code that can be used for keyless entry. Simply touch and hold your intercom button for a few seconds and the screen will change to let you punch in your keyless entry code. Tenants can find their keyless entry code in the Whoo App.
  • How will the Whoo Intercom work if my building's front entrance doesn't lock?
    If your front entrance door doesn't have a locking mechanism (or that mechanism doesn't work), it will need to be replaced prior to the installation of the intercom. There are different styles of locks and they range in price and installation cost. We can refer you to the best locksmith to help you with the process.
  • Does the system work in extreme temperatures?
    Yes, our device is rated to operate between -20 to 50 Celsius (-5 to 120 F).
  • Does Whoo Intercom come with a warranty?
    Yes. There is a 1-year warranty on the device, and we will replace the unit if anything breaks.
  • Can multiple people in my apartment connect to the intercom with their own phone?
    Yes! You can connect as many devices (phones/tablets) as you want to each button. We can also set up multiple buttons for an apartment.
  • Our building has a vestibule. Can Whoo be configured to unlock only the first door for deliveries, or both doors for guests?"
    Absolutely. This is one of our more popular configurations. We configure the deliveries button(s) to only open the front door, so packages can be safely left inside your building. The residents’ buttons will open both doors. There is no extra cost from Whoo but you need to have door strikes on both doors. Our installers can help with that.
  • Can the Whoo Intercom record video?
    Not yet. We are considering this feature carefully because we are very sensitive to privacy concerns (you can read our privacy policy here).
  • Can Whoo work with my building's garage door system to let visitors into the garage?
    Whoo works with most commercial garage openers: Liftmaster, Chamberlain, myQ, Merlin, Griftco, CPSG, etc. If your building has another system, please let us know.
  • The visitor can hear me; but  I cannot hear the visitor.. why?
    To raise the volume for the calls use the up volume button on your phone while you are using the Whoo app.
  • Is Whoo NDAA compliant?
    Yes, Whoo NDAA compliant
  • How to setup the Whoo Console?
    For tutorials and guides to manage the Console for Property Managers visit Console Guide | Property Managers
  • How to invite residents to use intercom and the Whoo App
    See the steps in the Whoo Console Guide.
  • How do I send Pairing codes?
    You can troubleshoot sending pairing codes here.
  • How do I add tenants to an existing residence (apartment unit)?
    See the steps in the Whoo Console Guide.
  • How do I remove tenants from a building intercom?
    See the steps in the Whoo Console Guide.
  • How do I add a residence (apartment unit) and tenants?
    See the steps in the Whoo Console Guide.
  • What makes Whoo different?
    We are built from the ground up to share Recurring Revenue with dealers.
  • Is Whoo sold in USA through distribution partners or directly to the integrator?
    The Aura12 (from ZKTeco) is sold through distribution partners. Dealers are required to sign up to the Whoo service in order to sell the Aura12. This is how dealers receive recurring revenue.
  • How does Whoo integrate with ZKTeco?
    Whoo is the software that powers both the ZKTeco intercom (Aura12) and the revenue sharing infrastructure behind it.
  • My Android phone is not working
    Please look at the Android resource to help you troubleshoot your Android device.

Need help with your Whoo intercom or have questions about our products? Email us at

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