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Whoo Intercom Installation FAQ

Whoo intercom is made specifically for apartment buildings, and purposefully designed to be easy to install. We want our installation partners to feel confident when installing Whoo intercom, so we've laid out some answers to common questions below. 


How do I install Whoo intercom?

Whoo intercom is easy to install. We'll send you a single panel to install at the front entrance of a building. Using existing wiring, Whoo connects to the buildings door strike, and can be configured to control the doors in any combination. 


How is Whoo powered?

Whoo uses one Cat5 cable which brings Power over Ethernet, and a set of dry contact relays that allow us to activate up to three existing electric door strikes.


Can I use a cellular modem?

We have used cellular modems and they work well as long as the building has a strong enough cell signal in the room where the modem is installed.


What is the lead time for an installation? 

Before installation, the site must first have an internet connection. The lead time at that point is between 1 to 2 weeks for simple installations (1 - 10 building entrances). For larger projects the lead time may vary from 2 weeks to 60 days depending on the complexity.


Is the door strike powered by Whoo intercom?

No.  Every door strike is powered by its own transformer.  Our device just offers “dry contact relays” to control that circuit.  It is as though Whoo just presses the door-open switch.


What equipment will I need to install Whoo intercom?

We provide the Whoo intercom and include a PoE injector to power the device. We don't provide any additional door strikes, hardware, or cabling. For more details about what materials to have on hand, read our guide here.


Does there need to be an electrical outlet at the building entrance?

We do require an electrical outlet but NOT at the entrance of the building. We need the electrical outlet in the room where the modem will be installed.  We normally use the same outlet where the modem is plugged in. We use the outlet to power our unit through a POE injector. 


Does Whoo work with Amazon Key for Business?

Yes. We are happy to install Key for Business when we install the Whoo intercom, at no extra cost. We currently install Key for Business either right behind the Whoo intercom or in the mechanical room.


How do I power Amazon Key for Business?

The Key for Business device uses cellular service to connect to the cloud, while Whoo uses a modem to connect to the cloud. The Key for Business device is powered by the same PoE injector.


Is there a minimum size building for Amazon to approve Key for Business?

No.  We can install Key for Business it in any building where we install Whoo.


I really like Whoo Intercom. Can I recommend your product to other buildings?

Absolutely! Get in touch with our sales team to talk about our recurring revenue program that empowers you to be successful selling Whoo intercom. 


What is the warranty on Whoo intercom?

The standard warranty on all Whoo intercom products is 1 year from date of purchase.

Have Additional Questions?

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