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7 Problems a Multi Tenant Intercom System Will Solve

A multi tenant intercom system comes with a wide range of benefits and it can solve a wide range of problems. The right multi tenant intercom system can enhance the tenants' experience and improve safety. It is a must-have for any multi-family unit or multi-unit commercial property.

It's Cost-Saving for The Property Manager

Providing security features for tenants can get costly. Hiring a doorman to screen visitors can be highly expensive and, of course, be a potential liability risk. A multi-tenant intercom system allows tenants to control access and communicate with visitors without the cost of a doorman.

Simple Access Control Solution

Think of a multi tenant intercom system as providing every tenant with an easy way to manage access control in the building. A multi tenant system is easy to use. It is a single-tenant system that can be as simple as a doorbell and receiver combination on a larger scale. It is an uncomplicated system that anyone can learn to use.

It Shifts Responsibility

Each tenant must take responsibility for whomever they allow access to the building. This removes responsibility from the management team.

Easier Package Deliveries

Tenants can control package deliveries without input from the building management. More and more people depend on online shopping and shipping services. When every tenant has their own intercom system, they have the power to accept deliveries as they arrive instead of having goods delivered to a central pick-up location.

Improved Convenience Across the Board

These systems improve convenience for both tenants and property managers alike. Tenants can maintain their privacy and security, and property managers do not have to focus on building access issues.

Seamless Visitor Access

A multi tenant intercom system makes visitor access seamless. The tenant manages visitor access.

It Maintains Tenants Privacy

Tenants prefer if they are in control of who enters the space. Multi tenant intercom systems help tenants to maintain their privacy. Instead of a visitor being cleared to enter by other security options, the tenant makes that decision.

It is The Right Solution

A multi tenant intercom system is the right choice for multi-family apartment buildings, student housing, multi tenant commercial properties, and more. Learn more about how this type of system can solve property access control problems.

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