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A Guide to Increase Security in Apartment Buildings

Safety is one of the most important aspects of the quality of an apartment unit. Therefore, providing increased security is vital for a super or landlord to maintain happy, long-term residents. In this blog, we will go over ways to increase security in apartment buildings that will satisfy all of your tenant's desires and needs.

We're covering:

  • Why do buildings need increased security?

  • What are the benefits of added security?

  • What are security options for my building?

  • What is the best option for increased security?

Why do buildings need increased security?

In a day where millions of orders are placed online each day, increased security has become a necessity in residential buildings. Increasing security in apartment units can stop an array of bad situations from taking place. Some common problems that can be solved by increased security include:

  • Porch pirating (stealing packages off of a porch/outside an apartment unit)

  • Unwanted visitors soliciting

What are the benefits of added security?

  • Deter crime, prevent stolen packages and damaged property

  • Increase conveniency for tenants by connecting to their smartphone

  • Add a sense of community to the apartment building

  • Increase occupancy by attracting more tenants

  • Provide resident's ease of mind

An apartment intercom allows residents to see who is at their building at any time, from anywhere by connecting to their smartphone. This provides easier screening for visitors or package delivery drivers as the resident can simply visually verify who is there before allowing them in. Intercoms deter porch pirates because there is a visible camera recording them, making your building a less likely target. Residents will be more likely to rent from a building that prioritizes their safety and are likely to pay more in rent for a unit that offers such amenities.

What are security options for my building?

Now that we've gone over the importance of increased safety in residential buildings, let's go over various ways you can improve security in your apartment building.

  • Install a video intercom system for apartment buildings

  • Install a video camera onto the porch

  • Install a buzzer at the building entrance

In order to prevent problems such as porch pirating and unwanted solicitors arising, consider installing an apartment video intercom system. These systems are designed to make life easier, safer, and more convenient for tenants. While video intercom systems for apartment buildings address all the issues that we've gone over and provide the most safety, there are other options to consider that may be better suited for your building's needs.

Installing a video camera onto the building's porch will assist in deterring porch pirating, but does not provide the convenience of granting access to the building from anywhere.

Installing a buzzer at the building entrance will not assist in deterring of porch pirating, but does give tenant's the ability to speak with whoever is visiting their residence and confirm who is there.

What is the best option for increased security?

When it comes to increasing security in your apartment building, you want to take it seriously and invest in a system that provides all the safety needed. With everything we have gone over and the benefits of each system, we believe the best option for increased security is an apartment video intercom system. These will provide tenants with the luxury of keyless entry, the ability to have access to their phone from everywhere, and provide the most increased security. Consider installing an intercom to your building today.


Increased security is a necessity in apartment buildings today. With millions of packages being delivered daily and the amount of porch pirating going up, protecting your belongings and the integrity of your building is key. To increase security and attract more residents, a video intercom is an excellent option to install into your building.

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