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Benefits of Whoo + Amazon Key for Business

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Does your building get a lot of Amazon packages? When your building installs a Whoo Intercom, we integrate Amazon Key for Business for FREE.

What is Amazon Key for Business?

Amazon key for business is a smart fob that allows Amazon drivers to enter a building and deliver packages without the assistance of the building’s staff. Amazon key for business easily integrates to your Whoo intercom.

When the Amazon delivery driver arrives at the property, Amazon is able to verify through the driver’s ID, route, location, package and time on the app and gain one-time access into the building. The Amazon driver will be given a one-time code to enter into each building, ensuring security is not breached in any way.

Why should you get Amazon Key for Business?

  • Key for Business prevents packages from being left outside in a busy city, in danger of being stolen.

  • Deliveries are now streamlined, allowing Amazon delivery drivers access to buildings without the assistance of building staff.

  • Building staff is no longer needed to oversee packages and can spend less time managing deliveries.

  • There are multiple factors needed to approve the delivery driver before granting them access into any residential building, which provides security.

  • The product is quickly and easily installed

Whoo Intercom installs Amazon Key for Business for free! If you want to improve building and package security, book a demo with us here.

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