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How To Choose the Right Multi Tenant Intercom Systems

The first operational telephone-based intercoms were developed in the early 1890s. A pull on a handle at the entryway relayed an electric current that created a buzzing noise on a receiver, alerting the resident of a visitor. Modern door intercom systems go way beyond rudimentary technology. You can open doors remotely or converse with the visitor while viewing them from your smart device.

The 2020 NMHC and Kingsley Associates Apartment Resident Preferences Report shows that 84% of tenants would like controlled amenity access, with secure self-service 24/7 package management. Multi tenant intercom systems provide just that, securely granting access to visitors and guests that the residents approve of.

With the rapidly changing technology and an increasing number of systems out there, it may be difficult to select the right model for your apartment complex. Here are four questions you may need to ask yourself before making a decision.

1. Do You Wish to Have an Integrated Access Control System?

Modern front door intercoms are no longer just intercoms. They are now fully integrated into the apartment’s access control systems that allow you to open doors remotely with the push of a button. You may also provide the visitor with a one-time access code that they can dial in before the door opens. You may also find keyless entry systems that feature built-in card readers and smart keys. It allows for convenient and quick monitoring of anyone gaining access to the building.

2. Is Video a Priority for You?

The newer multi tenant intercom systems now feature video screens that come integrated with the wall station mounted at the front door. It allows for a one-way video where the tenants can see the visitor at the door before granting access. You can opt for in-built cameras on the wall-mounted platform or PTZ cameras that can help residents see exactly who is at the front door, verifying their identity before letting them in. The video signals can be transmitted via a wired IP network or a wireless cellular connection.

3. Does It Have Remote Access?

One of the cool features of apartment video intercom systems is the remote access factor. Once a tenant verifies the identity of the guest, they can swipe a button on their screen to bolt open the door. The residents can let in the visitor remotely, regardless of where they are. You can access a live video stream from the intercom panel from virtually any location and speak directly to the guest through a dedicated line.

4. Wireless Vs. Wired Apartment Intercom System

Multi tenant intercom systems can come in wired or wireless modules. Wired units utilize IP networks through Cat5E or Cat6 cables. Wireless intercom systems can use cellular connection or Wi-Fi to link all the devices. They are also less expensive and easier to install compared to wired systems. You can pick the right one depending on your budgetary needs and the setup of your apartment. Consult a video intercom system expert before making the selection.

Ensure You Get the Right Intercom

Multi tenant intercom systems offer convenience to multiple residents and their guests on your apartment block. It also adds a layer of security through controlled access to the building. To find the best video intercom solution for your apartment, reach out to Whoo today.

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