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Select Engineered System Review (with Pricing and Alternatives)

Select Engineered Systems was founded in 1976 and today carries a range of building entry products such as intercoms, gate entry, and card readers. Their intercom products provide telephone entry access for residential buildings. Select Engineered System's goal is to develop cost effective scalable solutions for access control for residential buildings.


Select Engineered Systems offers a few intercom models, depending on the size of the building and number of doors needing access. All of their systems use a small LCD screen with anywhere from 4 to 10 lines to display tenant information. The intercoms can be configured to include a card reader, and their TEC2 system can be configured to link multiple intercoms on a single telephone line (with additional hardware).

Residents are given a code for visitors to dial in order to grant access to their building. When visitors arrive, they punch in the code into the directory to find the right unit, and the tenant's information is displayed on a small LCD screen. The TEC2 series is their most up to date product, providing telephone entry with customizable options such as setting up card access or linking units together.


  • Grants access to building through buzzer system

  • Tenant has the ability to speak with visitor before allowing them into the building

  • They offer a 2 year warranty on products


  • Outdated system that relies on audio verification rather than visual verification

  • Bulky buttons that will require future maintenance and/or replacement

  • Tenant is only able to answer the buzzer if they are home


Prices for Select Engineered Systems vary and are not listed directly on their website. Online resellers offer products from $1,200-$2,800.

Select Engineered Systems Vs. Whoo Intercom

While Select Engineered in-unit buzzer system is convenient for tenants to grant access for visitors into their building, it lacks the functionality of visual verification. When the resident is home, they're able to admit guests or manage package delivery by buzzing them into the building from an in-unit device in their apartment. However, if the resident is not home and therefore unable to answer the buzzer when it rings, the tenant has no alternative option to grant access for guests or deliveries.

Whoo Intercom's video enabled system lets residents visually confirm their visitors and mange package deliveries from anywhere, via their smartphone. Having visual verification of visitors or package deliveries adds a layer of security, and allows residents to control access to their building freely, no matter their location.

Select Engineered buzzer systems have numerical buttons that are used with an assigned code for entry to residential buildings. Each unit has a specific code to give visitors to call to allow entry. In leiu of metal buttons, the Whoo Intercom offers a sleek and easy to use touch screen display, which requires less maintenance as there are no pieces that can break or require repairs, and visitors can easily identify the apartment they're looking for. For a better building intercom, visit Whoo online to find out more.

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