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Siedle Intercom Review (with Pricing and Alternatives)

Siedle is a family owned and managed company that has been producing access control solutions in Furtwangen, Germany since 1750. Today, the company offers a range of door stations and indoor stations for buildings in various countries throughout the world.


Siedle offers four different intercom door stations which can be customized to include optional features based on building needs; Siedle Vario, Siedle Steel, Siedle Compact and Siedle Classic. Each of these door stations include a camera, buttons to call each unit, and a speaker to facilitate a call between the tenant and the visitor.

Seidel products can be customized to include a touchscreen display which can be configured to display an image or building information, a letterbox for each unit, and options for name displays. All of these features are made available via their website’s configurator tool. While most of Siedle’s door intercom products are designed to work with an indoor unit in each apartment, tenants are also able to connect to the intercom station via the Siedel app.

App Review

The Siedle app allows tenants to connect their smartphone to the front door intercom system to see their visitors and let them into the building. This gives tenants the freedom to grant access to their building and speak to visitors from anywhere, however, reviews online indicate that the Siedle app does not perform very well.

The Siedle App averages a 3 star rating, and most reviewers complain about the lack of functionality that the app offers, and problems connecting to the front entrance camera. Additionally, customers also claimed that installing the system was difficult and time consuming. The Siedle App is available for download on both the iOS App store and the Google Play store.


Online, Siedle access control systems range between $500-$600. To get an exact price with select features, the customer must get into contact with Siedle directly.


  • Siedle intercoms are customizable to the buildings needs

  • Siedle has a long standing reputation and has been producing products for decades

  • There is an app for customers to connect their smartphone to the intercom


  • There are no prices listed on the website, and it can be difficult to get into contact with the company as they are European based

  • Customers complained about the functionality features of the Siedle App

  • Siedle products are not all inclusive and require customization

Siedle Intercoms Vs. Whoo Intercom

Siedle offers several different access control options for multi-tenant buildings with customizable options. While customization may seem appealing to properties, pricing can quickly increase and once installed, Siedle systems cannot be easily updated with new features. Whoo Intercom is a much better option, because it comes with everything a property needs for video access control. Whoo Intercom software and touchscreen display allows buildings to easily update tenant information or add or remove buttons when not needed. Plus, with a built in camera tenants are able to visually verify their visitors before letting them into the building.

Unlike Siedle’s app, the Whoo Intercom app is easy to use and convenient. Tenants can answer their door by simply answering a phone call. With a 4.6 average rating, Whoo’s app outperforms Siedle.

Whoo Intercom is an American based company, whereas Siedle is based in the EU. Whoo makes it easy to get in touch with their customer support via phone call, or through the TextChat feature on their website. Customers can get in contact with Whoo employees in real time to answer any questions they may have, or to book a virtual demo to see Whoo Intercom in action.

Whoo Intercom is a great solution for properties looking to increase building security and add a convenient building. If you’re looking for a video intercom system, book a demo with Whoo Intercom today!

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