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The Smart Apartment Video Intercom System for Building Access


Helping IoT companies and hardware manufacturers bring video intercom technology to market quickly and cost-effectively.


Our end-to-end smart video intercom solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide range of smart home enterprise solutions.  It is a component-based solution that offers full integration of all or some components, tailored to your specific needs.

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Easy to navigate Doorphone UI 

Uses speech enabled software to interact with visitors at the front door.

Mobile App for residents to answer calls from intercom.

Helps manage properties, buildings and residents.

Recurring revenue collection for resellers


Our apartment video intercom system was designed specifically for multi-tenant and multi-user buildings to enhance security and add a whole new level of convenience for everyone.

Whoo Software can integrate with property management software such as RealPage or Yardi for easy and quick implementation. 

wireless intercom for apartment app


Whoo Doorphone software is the face of our intercom solution that can run on a variety of Android and Linux based intercom hardware devices.  


- Easy to navigate UI

- Keyless Entry

- Special delivery PIN codes

- Building access using QR code  

- Self Guided Tours

- UI for multiple size devices (7" or 30")

Whoo Concierge is our proprietary speech enabled software that uses large language models to assist visitors at the front door of a building. 

This technology is ideal for one-button devices like Brivo's Door Station that do not have visual screens.

With Whoo Concierge you can reach as many users as you want with the touch of one button.

It can easily connect to existing SIP or WebRTC systems through our API.



Whoo Mobile App is used by residents to see who is at the front door and decide whether to let visitors in. 


- Video call from Doorphone

- Multiple door connection

- Visitor Guest Pass creation

- iOS and Android versions

- Tight integration with smartphone telephony UI.

Whoo Console is a web based tool used to organize and manage properties, buildings and residents.

Resellers and Integrators can use this platform to set service subscription pricing and receive passive income.


- Add Buildings

- Set subscription pricing for dealers

- Add/remove residents


Our Customers Say:

revenue share

Whoo Revenue Share Program allows manufacturers, resellers and integrators to receive recurring revenue.

Resellers set the subscription price for video intercom services and collect a portion of it as long as the contract with the users are active, offering a great opportunity to generate passive income.

Whoo takes care of the billing and deposits revenue share in the resellers account.

"Whoo made the transition seamless, even in our older buildings and we did not have to do a thing except tell our residents of the wonderful new amenity they would be receiving. 

We now have Whoo in all ten of our multi-family buildings and our residents could not be happier. They feel safer being able to see who is at the intercom and they love being able to let their visitor in the building from no matter where they are by using their smart phone. A resident can let a child in who forgot their keys, even if they at work!"

- Property Manager, Twin Ponds Nashua

What is Whoo

Whoo is an enterprise smart building technology company that develops software empowering companies in the access control, smart automation, and IoT space to streamline the process of bringing video intercom technology to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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