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4 Reasons Video Intercoms Make Life Better for Tenants

Have you ever considered the benefits of installing a video intercom system into your residential building? There are many reasons to upgrade your outdated buzzer system, and we’ve outlined them below. With one simple amenity upgrade your tenants will thank you, and your building will stand out from the rest. Read on to find out how video intercoms make the residential experience better.

#1. Verify visitors

Video intercom systems give tenants a direct video connection to their front door, allowing them to visually verify their visitors before letting them into the building. Unlike traditional buzzer intercoms, a video intercom allows visitors to see and speak with whomever is at the front door, adding an extra layer of security for tenants. Whether the visitors are planned or spontaneous, video intercoms give tenants the peace of mind that they know exactly who they are letting into the building.

#2. Access from anywhere

A good video intercom system allows tenants to connect to the front entrance intercom via their smartphone or smart device (like a tablet). This type of connection allows tenants to interact with their visitors from anywhere, as long as they have a mobile or internet connection. This convenient feature means that tenants can do things like manage deliveries while away on vacation, or give building access to friends or family even if the tenant isn’t home yet. Home or on the go, a video intercom system allows tenants to see and speak to their visitors from the convenience of their cellphone.

# 3. Manage deliveries

With the ability (and convenience) of managing visitors from anywhere, tenants are also able to confirm delivery shipments when they arrive, regardless of where the resident currently is. With a dedicated delivery button, packages can be placed inside a building’s foyer, without having to give the delivery driver full building access. Alternatively, delivery drivers can ring an individual apartment, and once the resident visually verifies their delivery, they can grant building access. Misplaced and stolen packages are a worry of the past with a video intercom system. Approving a package shipment can now be done at work, in a car, on a boat — anywhere!

# 4. Increased safety

The ability to verify visitors adds an extra layer of security for those who are living alone, or just want to implement increased safety. Because tenants are able to see and speak with guests before letting them in, tenants can be sure that they are granting access to the right person.This is a great feature for those who reside in a city on their own and don't want the expenses of implementing an alarm system.

Bonus: # 5. It makes life easier for property managers

Video intercoms are equally beneficial to property managers as they are for tenants. Not only does it offer tenants a coveted amenity and increases building security, a video intercom like Whoo Intercom offers keyless entry features. By using a 4 digit pin code, tenants can unlock the front door without having to use a key, meaning replacement keys are a worry of the past. Additionally, a sleek touch screen intercom does not have any buttons that may break or require ongoing maintenance.

Investing in a video intercom is a smart idea for buildings that are looking to add a simple yet effective amenity that increases building safety and offers convenience for both tenants and property owners.

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