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3 Top Amenities to Offer Tenants

In the U.S., 37% of tenants stay in apartment buildings with at least five units. This number adds up to about 39.7 million people. Considering the number of people who stay in these buildings, it's important for landlords to think about amenities that can make the lives of tenants easier. Here are the top three amenities to offer tenants.

High-Speed Internet

The majority of people nowadays are quite tech-savvy. You will also find that most homes are now equipped with modern appliances which require an internet connection. Apart from that, the majority of people use their smartphones for a lot of tasks. This includes ordering food, shopping online, searching for service providers, and communicating in general. If you don't already have a high-speed internet connection on your property, you should strongly consider ordering one. This will enable you to capitalize on tenants' desire for connectivity. However, if you go ahead and install a fast internet connection, you must also figure out a clever way to recoup that cost from your tenants.

Multi Tenant Intercom Systems

If you have a multi-tenant building, it might be wise to look into multi tenant intercom systems. This is not only a security measure, but it will also make life easy for your tenants. For instance, it's not always easy to check who's knocking when you live on the top floor. Multi tenant intercom systems enable your tenants to communicate with visitors using voice or video calling from the comfort of their apartments. This is a good way to check who is by the door before you let them into a building. There are even some systems that can store all entry events and calls online. These logs can be accessed later using phones and mobile applications, which is an impressive security measure.

An In-Unit Washer and Dryer

Nowadays, people are gravitating towards highly convenient setups. This is why it would make a lot of sense to install in-unit washers and dryers in your apartments. One of the benefits of an in-unit washer and dryer is that it saves time. Your tenants won't have to spend a lot of time going to a laundromat. That time can be used to do something more productive. Apart from that, when someone takes their laundry to a facility elsewhere, they won't usually have the luxury of returning to their apartment until the clothes are done in the washer. This can be quite inconvenient.

These are just some of the amenities that you should strongly consider for your tenants. You can also do a survey or ask them what additions they would appreciate.

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