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4 Tips for Increasing Your Building Security

Multi tenant intercom systems are a great way to improve security in your building. By separating different tenants into their communication channels, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized communication and protect your tenants' privacy.

Kellogg patented the first Intercommunicating Telephone System in 1894, and the technology has come a long way since then. Modern multi-tenant intercom systems allow tenants to communicate with security personnel and building management.

Tenants can use the intercom system to let others know when they arrive or leave and ask for assistance in an emergency. Security personnel can use the system to monitor activity in the building and respond quickly to emergencies.

Here are tips on how to secure your building with multi tenant intercom systems:

1. Install the system in a secure location.

The intercom system should be installed in a location that is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. The control panel should be locked away when not in use, and access to the communication channels should be restricted to tenants and security personnel.

If you are using an IP-based system, ensure that the network is protected with firewalls and security measures.

2. Use a password-protected system.

Ensure that the intercom system is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Passwords should be changed regularly and should only be known by authorized personnel.

Additionally, restrict access to the intercom system through your building's security system. This will ensure that only authorized personnel can use the system.

3. Monitor activity in the building

Security personnel can use the intercom system to monitor activity in the building and respond quickly to emergencies. By listening to conversations, security personnel can get a sense of what is going on in the building and identify potential problems.

Additionally, security personnel can use video cameras connected to the intercom system to keep an eye on activities in the building. This can help identify unauthorized activity and prevent crime.

4. Train tenants on how to use the system.

Ensure that tenants know how to use the intercom system in an emergency. They should be familiar with the control panel's location and how to contact security or building management.

This will help ensure tenants can get the help they need in an emergency.

5. Regularly test the system.

Ensure to regularly test the intercom system to ensure it is working properly. This will help catch any problems before they become a bigger issue.


These are just a few tips on how to secure your building with multi tenant intercom systems. By using a password-protected system, monitoring activity in the building, and training tenants on how to use the system, you can improve security for your tenants.

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