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Top Reasons to Install a Video Intercom System in Your Apartment Building

Telephone-based intercoms first came onto the market in the 1980s, and today, they have evolved into video intercom systems for apartment buildings. But if you manage or own a small apartment building, it's easy to believe you won't benefit much from an apartment video intercom system.

However, here are the top reasons why a video intercom system is a perfect addition for large and small apartment buildings alike.

More Security for Residents

If you have an apartment video intercom system, there's no longer any need to put yourself in harm's way if there's someone at the entrance. Instead, you can safely check the identity of the person without having to go outside.

Make sure that every resident won't open their doors without checking the intercom first. If they feel that there's someone suspicious at the gate, they should alert you, so you can screen the visitor before allowing them inside the building.

Easy to Install and Manage

An apartment video intercom system can be set up and managed easily. The wiring work is not complicated, and the management software can be used across the entire system, which makes life simpler if you need to make adjustments down the line.

Additionally, the software on the intercom system allows you to control functions like access control and alarm management as well as address incidents in your apartment building. Each user in your apartment can also manage the intercom system, depending on the permissions you have granted them.

Can Be Integrated Seamlessly

Your apartment video intercom system can do so much more once you connect it to more devices. For instance, you can use your intercom monitor to watch live videos from IP cameras through its interface.

The intercom system can also be used to allow easy keycard access, allowing authorized personnel to access certain areas, locks, and even elevator doors. This ensures your apartment building is even more secure and residents are safer.

Improves Communication

An apartment video intercom system helps to improve communication amongst the building's residents and visitors. Communication is so much quicker than sending an email. For instance, when the indoor station receives a call, the call data is instantly sent to alert the relevant person, so they take the necessary action to let the visitor in or ask them to leave remotely.

An apartment video intercom system can provide all these benefits and more. Don't hesitate to get one installed so you and the building's residents can enjoy the benefits and awesome convenience of this piece of technology.

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