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Food Delivery During a Pandemic and What It Means for Security Within Multi-Tenant Apartments

Apartment intercom systems have been in use for building access since the early 1950s. A door intercom system is a vital element in a multi-tenant building. Residents can communicate with visitors before remotely allowing them in. Property managers can also keep track of the activities within their buildings.

As the pandemic raged in 2020, most Americans turned to food delivery apps to receive their groceries and takeout orders. With indoor dining restricted, most bars and restaurants shut, and with people fearing to venture outdoors, food delivery became an instant hit. The increased deliveries create a headache for landlords who look into ways to secure their properties.

Food Delivery Rates During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food delivery app downloads spiked significantly as governments enforced the shutdown. Door Dash, a popular food delivery app with a 45% market share, had over 4.1 million downloads in April alone. According to Market Watch, the four top U.S. delivery apps recorded over $5.5 billion in revenue from April to September 2020. A July 2020 Cowen andCo. survey showed that 52% of consumers said they would continue to avoid restaurants and bars even after they fully open.

Security Issues Associated with Increase Food Deliveries to Multi-Tenant Buildings

Delivery couriers may need to access the building to complete their deliveries. As a result, most property managers are increasingly worried about the large number of individuals standing outside their buildings to make deliveries. It may also increase the risk of tailgating, with criminals accessing the building through the mass crowd entering during peak hours.

How Apartment Intercom Systems Can Help You Manage Food Deliveries

As food delivery becomes the new norm for most tenants throughout the pandemic, you may need to implement better precautions to safeguard your property and the renters within. Here are three ways you can use multi-tenant intercom systems to beef up security.

1. Monitoring Through a Video Intercom System

Apartment video intercom systems allow landlords to monitor the activity outside their properties. A simple intercom system from Whoo can provide better food delivery management by allowing tenants to verify the delivery person before letting them in for the delivery or come down for a curbside pickup. An efficient system reduces bottlenecks at the front door access, reducing the risk of overcrowding.

2. Keyless Entry Through PIN Codes

Most delivery apps have a toggle for special instructions for your deliveries. With a modern apartment intercom system, your tenants can generate a unique, one-time passkey code that they can send to the courier delivering their meals. Your delivery person can gain frictionless access without a backlog developing at the entryways.

3. Convenient Restricted Access

Apartment intercom modules restrict individuals from gaining access to the building. Unless the courier receives a single-use pin use, they may not enter the building. Your tenants can also allow for remote entry through their mobile phones for the drop-off. A door intercom system will provide greater control over whoever enters and leaves the property.

Food delivery has spiked over the pandemic period, with more tenants preferring to order takeout and groceries online. You can set your apartments apart by getting video intercom systems that allow entry to verified couriers only. For more tips on how to manage online deliveries to your properties, reach out to Whoo Mobile Intercom.

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