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How a Video Intercom System Can Increase Your Building's Security

There are many reasons why people invest in a video intercom system for their home or building. One of the most important reasons is that it can provide security to the residence or business. Discover how installing a video intercom system can increase your building's security.

1. Monitor Who Is at the Door

One of the most important features of a video intercom system is that it allows you to monitor who is at your door before opening it. There are times when someone knocks on the door, and there could be a potential danger, such as a stranger or an irate person. When this happens, you can see who is at the door on your monitor. This can provide you with the extra time you need to make sure it is safe to open the door or help in getting the authorities involved.

2. Permit Verification

Another benefit of a video intercom system is that it provides door entry verification. This can help prevent break-ins where criminals try to gain access by posing as someone who should have access or just wait until no one is around to enter the building.

3. Monitor Access to Entryways/Exits

Another feature that can provide increased security is the ability to see who goes in and out of your building. This can help increase security by preventing unauthorized entry into secured areas such as storage rooms, computer rooms, or other valuable assets. In certain cases, you may want to make sure people cannot go to restricted areas without proper credentials or authorization.

4. Camera Footage Can Be Used as Evidence

The video footage provided by a video intercom system can be used as evidence if needed in the event of break-ins. The more detailed and clear the footage is, the better position you will be to aid police should they need it to solve the crime or attempt to track down the perpetrator.

According to the FBI, there are over 1 million burglaries in the United States each year. The majority of these occur when no one is at home. Installing an affordable video intercom system in your building can significantly reduce the risk of this happening.

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