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How to Quickly Rent Out Your Apartment Unit

Acquiring property is a big success that many Americans dream of. With 44.1 million Americans renting their properties today, it isn't hard to find people to rent out your space. It can be difficult to attract the right tenants however, so it's important to market the space to its best ability to quickly rent it out. Renting out that property gives an opportunity of large monetary growth, so presenting the property in its best light and providing all the amenities needed to attract long-term tenants is key.

1. Make sure to keep your unit up to date

Providing amenities that grant convenience for tenants is vital for renting out your apartment unit. Tenants are always looking for necessities such as a dishwasher, washer and dryer units, and wifi which can be a great place to start. If you're looking to advance your unit and bring in more rent revenue, consider installing an apartment video intercom system. Upgrading to the technology of today is an easy way to make more revenue on apartment units and attracts more tenants who are looking for an up to date unit. Installing an apartment buzzer system increases convenience for tenants because it allows them to grant access into their building without having to be in the unit.

2. Provide above and beyond security

Making sure to provide a space that tenants feel secure in is very important and can be a deal breaker for some renters if not providing adequate security measures in the unit. Installing a peep hole can be an easy way to increase security, to allow residents to see who is at their door before allowing them in. Another way to increase security is by installing a wireless intercom system for buildings. This gives tenants the power to control who can gain access to their building at any point and from anywhere.

3. Show the strengths of the unit through photos

In a digital age, everything is online — including apartment renting. Taking photos of the unit and highlighting the strengths it has can quickly get your unit rented out. Take photos of the unit at prime hours of the day when lighting is best to get the most optimized photo of the space. Include all the extra amenities you're providing in the photos to show renters what they'll be getting with your space.

4. Be flexible

Flexibility doesn't mean you have to change what you're looking for in your ideal tenant, it just means making life easier for tenants when possible. For prospective tenants, request the necessary paperwork and documentation, but allow applicants to submit it online so it's quicker. Another example is if you prefer to rent the unit to someone without pets, consider allowing small caged animals to open up the application pool more. These don't have to be large sacrifices, but being flexible to different situations will allow you to find a tenant to fill the space quickly.

5. Quick communication

Responding quickly to applicants shows them you value their time and interest. While typically people like to shop around for their perfect home, quick response time may sway an applicant to choose your unit because they want to be prioritized. Renting an apartment doesn't have to be a long, drawn out process. By responding to inquiries quickly, you'll find next your tenant even sooner.


Renting out an apartment unit to the right people can be a long, complicated process but it shouldn't be. Making sure your unit is up to date, has incredible security, providing quick communication, being flexible, and showing the rental's strength in photos are all simple things you can do to find a tenant quickly. After following these steps, we hope it's easier for you.

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