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Increase Your Rental Revenue With Minimal Work and Easy Installation

Consider investing in an apartment video intercom system.

More and more we are moving toward a world that is fully submerged in technology, and the real estate industry is no exception. From smart home amenities to virtual walkthroughs, proptech is improving the way we live and guiding trends in renting habits.

For properties that want to stay ahead of the trend, upgrading apartment buildings to include technological amenities is vital in attracting tenants and increasing rent revenue. Investing in technology like a video door intercom system offers a simple and convenient amenity for tenants, and can guarantee an increase of revenue for the property owners.

Proof in pricing: Investing in technology for your building increases rent revenue and ROI as tenants are willing to pay higher prices for buildings that offer amenities that make their lives easier. An apartment video intercom system can make a property stand out against the rest because it offers a way for tenants to manage visitors' access from the convenience of their smartphone. For properties that don’t have the time or budget to invest in a big project, investing in a multi-tenant intercom system is a smart choice that requires only one simple upgrade with minimal upkeep.

Easy to install: A wireless intercom system for buildings is an easy choice because unlike the traditional buzzer intercoms, video intercom systems are easy to install. Since apartment intercoms provide a video connection via the tenants smartphone, there is no need to rewire a building which saves both time and money, and property managers are able to eliminate any costs associated with repairing in-unit devices. In comparison to standard intercoms with bulky buttons and name plates that can break, smart intercoms offer a sleek touchscreen that leaves the worry of maintenance in the past.

Tenant’s love this amenity: A fresh building amenity is a great way for property managers to attract more residents. As millennials enter the renting market, they will be looking for apartments that offer amenities such as high speed internet, package delivery options or keyless entry. With a video intercom, buildings can offer their tenants a convenient and easy way to visually verify visitors and grant building access from the ease of their smartphone, while also providing solutions for package and food deliveries.

One of the simplest yet effective additions property owners can incorporate into their building is an apartment video intercom system. For property owners who are looking to integrate new technology into their building, starting with a system that is innovative and affordable is a great place to start.

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