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4 Tips for Retaining the Best Renters

Once you find wonderful renters, you're going to try and do your best to retain them. This can make life more pleasant for both the renter and you, the property owner. These four tips will help every owner retain the best renters.

Maintain the Noise Level

Tenants that appreciate a quiet atmosphere will not want to stay in one that is full of noise. Encourage families that live with children to live closer together as they will be more understanding of noise. Keep other tenants in mind when finding new tenants.

Install Apartment Intercom Systems

Almost forty million renters live in an apartment, about 37% of the renting population. Apartment intercom systems can drastically help property owners with reducing the noise level. Instead of people running up and down stairs or banging on doors, visitors can push a button to let their friends or family members know that they are there. Apartment intercom systems can drastically reduce the level of noise and provide tenants with added convenience.

Keep up on Maintenance Requests

One of the main reasons why tenants move is due to their rental needing repairs. It's important to respond quickly to a maintenance request, but being responsive is only a portion of what property owners need to do. It's also important to communicate any delays that might make the repair take longer.

Respond Quickly to Complaints

Tenants in apartment buildings are bound to complain about one another. Tenants that feel ignored are bound to rent somewhere else. Make sure that you respond to tenant complaints, no matter how big or small they may seem to be.

When a tenant complains about the noise level, speak with other tenants on their behalf. If there are complaints regarding crimes or illegal activity, respond immediately and get the police involved. If you are uncomfortable doing that, ask your tenant if they would like you to contact law enforcement or speak with their neighbor regarding the problem. Even if there is nothing that you can legally do, taking some form of action shows your best tenants that you care and that you are willing to go the extra mile.

When considering how to retain good tenants, it's important to look at what makes tenants move out of properties. Listening to tenant complaints and installing services they appreciate, such as apartment intercom systems, can give landlords key insight into areas of concern, such as outdated appliances or criminal activity. These insights can help you retain your favorite tenants in the future.

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