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Housing Devices Inc. Intercom Review (with Pricing and Alternatives)

Housing Devices Inc. was founded in 1978 to address communication and security needs for the multifamily and commercial building industries. Today, their products include intercoms, access control systems, mailbox systems and refuge call systems. Their mission is to provide property managers, developers, architects and engineers with affordable products that enhance building security.


Housing Devices Inc. make multi tenants intercom systems that connect individual apartment units to a front entrance panel, to allow a two way audio call between the resident and the visitor. Their Vandal Proof Intercom Entry Panel is a hardwired intercom that is equipped with a 3" speaker, and stainless steel lobby panel buttons and directory. This door intercom system is installed at the entrance of a building and allow visitors to buzz in to call the apartment they are visiting. The corresponding in-unit devices have three buttons: talk, listen and door, to allow the resident to speak with their visitor and grant access to the building.

Housing Devices Inc. also sells a telephone entry system which allows residents to have a two way call with the resident they are visiting. Like the intercom system, the telephone entry system connects to in-unit devices in each resident's apartment. The intercom, in-unit devices and telephone entry systems all have tamper proof hardware, as well as a limited warranty and are available as stainless steel with metal or plastic buttons, or a brass station with metal buttons only.

Housing Devices Inc. also offers the ADA 121 audio visual alert system, best for those with hearing or visual impairments as it notifies the resident of incoming phone calls, and visitors ringing their doorbell. The intercom works with already existing building control access, such as an intercom or doorbell with a flashing strobe light as well as a loud piezoelectric button, both of which can be adjusted for up to 60 seconds and reset each time in between usage.


  • Considerable options for those who are hearing or vision impaired

  • Three standard sizes for 1 to 300 apartments with options to customize

  • Products come with a limited lifetime warranty


  • The properties must buy separate devices for each unit on top of the initial entry system

  • The buttons can easily break causing further repair costs

  • Entry systems offer audio only communication


Housing Devices Inc. does not list their prices online. Interested buyers will need to get a quote from their website.

Housing Devices Inc. vs. Whoo Intercom

Housing Devices Inc. requires properties to purchase an intercom system for the front of the building, as well as install units in each individual apartment. Their intercom systems have bulky buttons that will need to be replaced in the future after wear and tear, increasing the overall operating costs. The intercoms offered by Housing Devices Inc. do not have video features, meaning that residents are unable to visually verify visitors or manage deliveries. Housing Devices Inc. also does not offer a keyless entry feature, which is extremely important to potential residents.

Because Whoo offers the convenience of connecting the video intercom to your smartphone, it eliminates the need for in-unit devices which ultimately saves properties time and money. Whoo’s video intercom has a sleek design and touchscreen, eliminating the need to frequently repair broken buttons or update name plates. Since Whoo allows residents to connect to the front entrance via their smartphone, residents have visual access to the front door from anywhere, all from the convivences of their fingertips. In addition, residents can use a keyless entry feature, which prevents lockouts and the need for replacement keys.

If you are looking to upgrade your Housing Device Inc intercom system, Whoo offers video intercom systems to increase security and feature new amenities to keep up with our ever-evolving digital world.

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