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How Apartment Video Intercom Systems Are Transforming the Tenant Experience

Telephone-based intercoms were developed in the 1890s after Kellogg patented the first intercommunicating telephone system in 1894. The system linked two phones in separate rooms, allowing the user to address the receiver without the need to connect with an operator. The late 1950s saw the adoption of apartment intercom systems for building access.

Modern apartment video intercom systems are way advanced than the rudimentary systems of the late 19th century, with manufacturers adopting new tech. Tenants can now open doors remotely or conversing with visitors through a one-way video connection before granting them access.

The gradual rise of the ‘experience economy’ continues to push property managers to provide strategies that utilize data to create real-time personal convenience. Adopting new technology allows tenants to feel valued and rest assured that their property remains safe. As a property manager, you may need to find a balance between delivering a high-quality tenant experience versus achieving your business goals.

Here are some of the ways that apartment video intercom systems are transforming the tenant experience in residential buildings:

1. Food and Package Delivery Solutions

As people remain holed up due to the pandemic, brick and motor shopping dropped as consumers embrace ordering items online. Package theft is increasingly becoming a concern for most apartment managers as their tenants head to e-commerce stores to place orders. A Value Penguin survey indicated that 54% of Americans say they have had multiple packages stolen within the last 12 months. Some respondents report losing up to $4,800 from a single package.

Apartment video intercom systems with remote door unlock allow tenants to manage their deliveries straight from their smart devices. Tenants can generate a unique, one-time passcode that allows a keyless entry to the courier to make a secure drop-off.

2. Visitor Management

Another key challenge for tenants and property managers is theft and vandalism. Traditional visitor management programs with front-desk staff and paper sign-ins are quickly becoming outdated. Property managers may need to find new ways to restrict unauthorized access to protect their tenants and buildings better.

Apartment video intercom systems allow for effective front door access management by allowing visitors to receive calls from wherever they are and communicate with the visitor at the entrance. The one-way video intercom allows them to visually verify the visitor before providing access through remote door unlock.

3. Keyless Entry

The pandemic has pushed property managers to find restricted access systems that are more health-conscious and touchless. Tenants need to feel safe while opening doors through the multi-tenant apartment buildings. Keyless entry technology makes it possible by adopting cloud-based systems.

Apartment video intercom systems can have contactless entry through key cards and passkey codes fed through their smart devices. Cloud-based systems allow for easy issuance of temporary pins for single or multiple uses. Built-in card readers enable tenants to take a swipe while entering or leaving the building without handling any surface.

Get a Modern Apartment Video Intercom System

The concept of smart multi-tenant buildings has been around for a while. The modern tenant is calling for better-controlled access that guarantees convenience and safety. To learn more on how apartment video intercom systems can transform tenant experience in your buildings, reach out to Whoo today.

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