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Top 5 benefits of a video intercom system

Updated: May 4, 2021

An intercom system is an essential part of an apartment building or multi-dwelling property. It allows residents to communicate with their visitors to grant or deny building access. A good intercom system can provide added layers of security and can help property managers keep track of their residents and building activity.

For residents and property managers looking for a more convenient way to communicate with visitors and to manage their properties, consider upgrading to a video intercom system solution.

Why? We’ve outlined the benefits below:


1. Visual verification

A typical buzzer intercom system only allows residents to confirm their visitors by voice before letting them into the building. However, when ambient noises from outside or a bad audio connection distort the sound, it can be difficult to hear the visitor on the other end.

With a video intercom system, residents can visually verify their visitors and confirm their identity before granting them access. This helps keep your building safer, as only expected visitors can enter the building.

2. Easy to upgrade

Most multi-dwelling units already have an existing intercom system located at the front entrance of the building, with individual intercom units in each apartment. A good video intercom system can directly replace the older unit, and can often use existing wiring, cutting down installation costs.

Likewise, a video intercom system that uses a mobile app, doesn’t need to connect to the in-unit intercoms in each apartment. Rather, residents can receive calls on their smartphone or tablet, meaning that the new system does not require wiring to each unit.

Along with being easy and cost effective to upgrade to a video intercom system, it also adds incredible value to your property. Most renters have come to expect amenities like a video intercom, and are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience.

3. Facilitate deliveries

Video intercoms provide excellent package delivery solutions for buildings, especially those without a package room or on-site manager to receive deliveries. Residents can receive a video call when their delivery arrives, and can open the door remotely. No longer do residents have to worry about stolen packages, or deliveries left outside.

4. Convenient features

In addition to improving visitor access and delivery management, a video intercom system offers a ton of convenient features for both the residents and property managers. Systems with keyless entry allow residents to replace their keys with a simple access code, meaning less likelihood of a lockout, and no need to replace lost keys.

A video intercom system that works on mobile devices allows residents to verify visitors from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet, and unlock doors remotely. Todays renters have come to expect these types of features and look for these types of amenities when looking for an apartment.

5. Management solutions

A good video intercom system should offer a cloud-based management platform for property managers or building owners to access building and tenant information. Management can easily update and edit tenant information, view entry logs or grant access to their maintenance team remotely.

Now that you know the benefits of having a video intercom system, it’s time to consider which system is best for you.

Read our Apartment Intercom Buyers Guide to learn more or contact Whoo for a quote customized for your building.

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