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7 Maintenance Tips for Your Door Intercom System

Multi-tenant intercom systems are gradually becoming a standard security feature in most residential buildings. The front-door access system allows tenants to verify the identity of visitors before they walk in, remotely open the locks for expected visitors, and reduce cases of package theft in the living spaces.

Poorly maintained systems can lead to door jams, security breaches, and a lot of inconvenience for your tenants.

Here are seven ways that you can look after your door intercom system.

1. Shield the Main Outdoor Unit

Most apartment intercom manufacturers advertise their products as weather-proof. While your outdoor unit may be durable with dust and moisture-proof properties, you may need to take the necessary precautions to keep it protected. Creating tiny shade to protect it from rain, snow, and direct sunlight may help increase its lifespan.

2. Encourage Tenants to Dust Off the Indoor Units

Your tenants are responsible for ensuring that the systems within their homes are functioning properly. It is vital to emphasize that they dust and clean the indoor units. Avoid using harsh household cleaners and detergents. You may also need to regularly clean the speaker, microphone, and lens of the outdoor module to ensure a better sound and image quality.

3. Keep the Software Up-to-Date

Your door intercom system provider may provide regular updates to the firmware. The updates may help patch any security issues and improve the features available. Keeping your system up-to-date can reduce the risk of a network breach.

4. Secure Your Internet Connection

Wireless intercom systems utilize an IP protocol to communicate with the devices within the network. Your door intercom system may need a dedicated Wi-Fi network, separate from the connected to the tenant homes. This reduces the risk of a hack through your network that can jam your entryways.

5. Keep the Bugs Away

The tiny critters have the potential to damage the internal workings of your door intercom systems. You may need to make your outdoor system insect-proof by applying bug repellants around the outdoor module. Take care not to get the repellant on sensitive parts of the system such as the lens or the microphone.

6. Avoid Taking Apart the Door Intercom System on Your Own

It can be tempting to try and disassemble the door intercom system alone after a slight jam. However, without the right expertise or skillset, you may end up further damaging the unit. Worse, you could void your warranty. If you experience any issues with your video intercom system, reach out to the product installers.

7. Regularly Inspect the Backup Power System

It is critical to ensure that your backup system is fully operational. It allows your tenants to have front door access even within a power outage. Ensure that you only use power adapters supplied with the intercom system to avoid causing a short in your wiring.

Property managers and rental building owners may need to organize regular maintenance services for their door intercom systems to keep them in top condition. If you are looking for reliable, professional door intercom system specialists to ensure your property is always secure and well-maintained, then contact us. We offer complete installation as well as maintenance services that can keep your intercom system in tip-top shape. If you have an issue with your installed system, call us today.

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