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When to use Ethernet over Twisted Pair

We’re back with more tips to make the Whoo Intercom installation seamless and efficient.

Whoo Intercom uses the internet to allow tenants to video chat with their visitors, and let them into the building from the ease of their smart phone or device. This means that the Whoo Intercom needs a reliable internet connection.

which is generally done by running an Ethernet cable from the entrance to wherever the building's existing modem may be. If the distance between the intercom and modem is too big, or running a cable will take more than 4 hours, the most efficient way forward is to use Ethernet over Twisted Pair.

The benefit of having a Whoo Intercom is that the system only requires a single cable in order to connect to the building's internet modem. Typically, installers will need to run an Ethernet cable from the entrance of the building where the intercom is being installed, to wherever the modem is located. By including a PoE injector, the Whoo Intercom will receive both power and internet connectivity. If the distance between the front entrance and the modem is less than 100m, this can be done with a single cable (or with a repeater, if the distance is between 100m - 200m), and should only take between 2 - 3 hours.

However, if running cables looks like a nightmare that will take more than 4 hours to complete, the best course of action is to use existing wires (or if the distance is greater than 200m then run a new pair of copper wires instead of cat6) and a couple of Ethernet over Twisted pair adapters. Simply identify the two wires that run from the front entrance of the building to near the modem and use the Ethernet over Twisted Pair adapters at both ends. Then, simply run a speed test to ensure it’s working, and you’re done.

You never know what you might run into when working on an old building. We always prefer to run a new cat5 or cat6 cable but sometimes it’s easier to use the wires that are already in the walls. Ethernet over Twisted Pair is a good option to keep your installation costs and time to a minimum. Make sure you have this device in your truck, so you are prepared!

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Do you have other tips or advice on how to make the most of a Whoo Intercom installation? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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